The UK is well established as one of the world’s major trading nations, and being the sixth largest economy in the world. UK, a member of European Union, having a gateway to the European Market with its 27 member states. A global financial and trading centre, with one of the world’s most innovative and high-skilled workforce. UK having a pro-business government policy, stable currency and economy. UK has a rich cultural and historical heritage, and offering abundant opportunities for travel and leisure activities. According to World Bank, UK topped among other European countries in the ease of doing business, which has attracted many foreign investors to enter the property market.

Manchester established as the second financial capital in United Kingdom, positioning itself as an attractive and lucrative investment property market. Manchester topped a plethora of indexes, indicating as one of the most exciting places to live and work, with many young professionals flocking to the city for excellent employment prospects. MediaCityUk at Salford Quays, geared towards media companies, including BBC and ITV, with the creation of many job opportunities. With the growth in population, there is an increasing demand for residential properties.

Investment inflow for the improvement of infrastructure and transportation, such as Northern Powerhouse rail and the HS2 High Speed rail which set to transform rail travel across the North which shorten the distances and commute time to other key cities and town, as well as opening up new opportunities for Northern citizens and businesses alike. This enhances connectivity between Manchester and London in just an hour away. As well, Manchester Airport is set to be extended with a £1 Billion investment.

Some of the world’s best universities are located in the Manchester, such as University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan and the University of Salford. Manchester has the largest student population in Europe at 105,000, which provides great opportunity for investor seeking rental returns in the city.

stable economic and political environment

UK - the world economic leader, member of G8 and a founding member of United Nations and NATO. Transparency International rates the UK high on the transparency list, ahead of Japan and United States.


Government is spending 7-billion GDP to upgrade and create a world-class infrastructure. The government has taken steps to improve air facilities, rail network and rail freight infrastructure.

strong demand for residential

The United Kingdom - 3rd most populated state in the European Union. UK's population is expanding significantly and it is predicted to reach 70 millions by 2020 compared to 63.7 millions today.


Four of the UK's five largest universities is located in the city of Manchester. 70% of these students require outsourced accommodation

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